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Laurie Ross

Calgary, AB
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My name is Laurie Ross and I love creating one-of-a-kind leisure vacations for people just like you! I specialize in crafting unique experiences for individuals, couples, families, and groups of any size. With destinations spannin...

Everywhere I travel I enjoy taking haunted history tours not that I necessarily believe in spooks but I find it one of the best ways to learn the true history of a city.  During a recent trip to Edinburgh, I decided to take a haunted history tour of the city. The tour guide took us to various locations, including the infamous Edinburgh Castle and the underground vaults beneath the South Bridge. As we walked through the dark alleyways and heard stories of ghostly sightings and unexplained occurrences, I couldn't help but feel a chill run down my spine. The guide's vivid descriptions of the city's dark past and the paranormal activity that still lingers today left me with a newfound appreciation for Edinburgh's rich history and eerie charm. Despite feeling a bit spooked, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and spine-tingling experience in Edinburgh.

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